Who are you?

This site is made and maintained by me (photekq). Louison (aka Myoth) helps me to maintain it, and helps me tonnes with making decisions! Lou's been obsessed with Cherry keyboards since 2017 and I've been obsessed with them since 2013.

Why Cherry?

Vintage Cherry keyboards are disliked by many for their lack of rigidity, oft-cheap construction, and "bodged" method of achieving tactility; in this respect, Cherry is the antithesis of many Alps and IBM keyboards of the same age. And that's why we like them so much; we find their lightness, construction, flexibility, and switches to be charming, fun to use, and highly functional. And then there's the Cherry on top - their keycaps and aesthetics, which we think are among the greatest, if not the greatest.

How did this website come about?

In early 2019 Louison created a Google Sheet to make record of all unique Cherry models he came across. This sheet grew quickly, with lots of other contributors adding keyboards as they came across them. It has long been an invaluable asset for those of us who collect these keyboards. At some point in 2020, Louison and I wished we had something more presentable; something that would be approachable to people less versed in Cherry keyboards. The spreadsheet was incredibly useful, but it was always unpleasant to navigate. Thus, the idea for this website was born - it's been a long time coming.

This website wouldn't exist if it weren't for Louison and all those who contributed to the original spreadsheet:

Last but definitely not least, this website wouldn't exist without those who came before us; the users and communities of the past who ignited our love for these keyboards:

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sixty otd.kr & kbdmania.net deskthority.net & geekhack.org
Co-founder of deskthority, the earliest prolific Cherry documenter in the West, and a key bridge between East and West in those early days. The Eastern communities which unearthed and documented vintage Cherry en masse before any other. Places that could once be called home.

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